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Inkline French and English Bulldogs

Located in Newman, California we have a small, breeding kennel with four years of breeding experience in pure bred French and English Bulldogs.  We fell in love with these breeds, their sense of humor and their undying loyalty.  Newman is nestled in California's San Joaquin Central Valley near Modesto CA, but we are convenient to the San Francisco Bay area, Turlock, Patterson, Merced, Los Banos and most of northern California.

If you are interested in purchasing a French or English bulldog puppy as your next family member we ask that you do some research about the characteristics of this breed.  If after your research, you feel that this is the right kind of puppy for you, please contact us about puppies we may have available or our plans for future litters.

Our main focus in breeding is producing healthy pure bred bulldog puppies with stable temperaments for lifelong family companionship. We believe in breeding puppies only when we have qualified homes interested in our puppies. Each potential home is screened via our puppy questionnaire.  Our goal is to uphold and enhance the breed standard, with a stable temperament, correct structure and a dog that stands out in a crowd as being something more than ordinary. We have worked hard to be able to provide the best bulldog puppies for those who know and love the breeds.

We have a limited number of bulldog puppies available for sale, because we do not like having too many litters at the same time.  We feel that it is best to give each litter full attention so each puppy is properly imprinted. Litters are whelped in our home in the San Joaquin Central valley and raised in our conditioned puppy kennel. All puppies are socialized with other dogs, people, and exposed to outside sights and sounds.

Our puppies are loyal and devoted to their person or family.  They are trustworthy and brave.  A puppy is like a block of clay and it is up to you to shape and mold them into becoming the best they can be!  However, we strive to the best of our ability to produce companion dogs with the proper personalities and attitude. Our puppies have added such joy to the lives of so many!

The French and English bulldog puppies we have for sale are reasonably priced so that anyone in California who has always dreamed of having a French or English Bulldog can see that dream come true.  A puppy remains with us until they are at least 8 weeks old.  This makes for a better transition for both puppy and new owner.  We do keep in contact with our clients and are always here to help in any way.  If for any reason one of our pups needs to be re-homed, please contact us.  Our home is always open.

We are always glad to answer any questions you may have about Frenchies or English bulldogs.  We would be glad to discuss the breeds with you. We hope you enjoy the dogs and puppies that we love so dearly! To keep up to date on our puppies and future litter plans be sure to follow our 3 sites on Instagram. instagram instagram instagram